We can only cover so much material in our program. For all Start-Up Kids, parents, and others who want to go above and beyond, and explore entrepreneurship further, here is a list of publicly available resources. For all others who are actively involved in a Start-Up Kids program, there is a restricted access area where we host our proprietary materials.



Books for children

  • Bean, R. (2014). Benji Franklin. Kid Zillionaire

  • Bean, R. (2014). Benji Franklin. Kid Zillionaire: Building Wealth and Super-Powered Rockets

  • Bean, R. (2014). Benji Franklin. Kid Zillionaire: Saving Money

  • Bean, R. (2014). Benji Franklin. Kid Zillionaire: Money Troubles

  • Beaty, A. (2013). Rosie Revere. Engineer.

  • Beaty, A. (2007). Iggy Peck. Architect

  • Demuth, P. B. (2013). Who is Bill Gates?

  • Frith, M. (2005). Who was Thomas Alva Edison?

  • Holub, J. (2007). Who was Marco Polo?

  • Medina, N. (2015). Who was Jacques Cousteau?

  • Pollack, P. & Belviso, M. (2012). Who was Steve Jobs?

  • Pollack, P. & Hammond, T. (2014). Who is George Lucas?

  • Smith, K. (2010). Mess. The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes.

  • Smith, K. (2011). Finish This Book.

  • Smith, K. (2008). How to be an Explorer of the World.

  • Spires, A. (2014). The Most Magnificient Thing.

  • Stewart, W. (2009). Who was Walt Disney?

  • Yamada, K. (2014). What do you do with an idea?


Books for Parents

  • Dweck, C. S. (2006). Mindset. The New Psychology of Success

  • Robinson, Ken (2009). The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything.

  • Toren, A. and Toren M. (200x). Kidpreneurs. Young entrepreneurs with big ideas.

  • Yang, A. (2014). Smart People Should Build Things.



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